the 6 week Sugar Freedom eCourse
Sick and tired of feeling overwhelmed around food and powerless over your cravings?
Well, I’m here to tell you it’s not your fault. And I’m here to offer a solution!
         Created by Sarah Roberts
Author of The 28 Day Kick The Sugar Challenge and the blog SarahTalksFood .Com
Inside the Sugar Freedom eCourse
Awareness is the first step:
  • Learn how the food industry has lied to us and made us fatter, sicker and sadder than we have ever been in the history of time.
  • Uncover the secret places sugar hides.
  • Discover the intimate relationship between the food you eat and the way you feel.
  • Deepen your relationship with yourself by learning how to trust, respect and love yourself.
  • Become more confident around food and more comfortable in your own skin.
  • And So Much More...
How the eCourse works:
Members Only Site
Each week, for 6 weeks, a new session will be available in your Members-Only site complete with 'homework' and fun challenges designed to hold you accountable and help you reach your goals.

What You'll get:
  • Week 1. This course begins by creating awareness. We look at what’s going on with sugar, where we are NOW, and we begin to formulate a plan for the next six weeks.
  • In Week 2, we go deeper by opening up about what’s going on at home and in our lives. We discuss why we are eating and we uncover the ways we are using food. We look back to our history with sugar and when it became an issue in our lives.
  • In Week 3, we cover the link between our internal and our external environments. What’s happening in our outside world is a symbol for what’s going on inside of us. This week, we explore our environments.
  • In Week 4, we explore living in the real world. We go deep into the ways we will navigate real life, and we set ourselves up for success. We go through a powerful exercise together that is intended to change the way you think about yourself, your health and your body.
  • In Week 5, it’s all about love…and food! We remind ourselves to be gentle. Change doesn’t happen overnight. This week, we talk about the importance of nourishing our bodies. We get clear on our goals and how we will move forward in our lives. 
  • In Week 6, we wrap the whole thing up and remind ourselves that we can’t “un-know”. We have learned a lot during our time together, and this week, we recap our findings and we talk more about the importance of nourishing our bodies in all sorts of important ways; not just through food.
All you need is to have made a decision to no longer stay where you are. If food and sugar have been a source of struggle in your life, then this course will help you crush obstacles and break down barriers to success that have kept you stuck. You will need to simply make time to listen to the lessons and complete the assignments.
Sarah Roberts has been our cheerleader from the very first second we accepted. She genuinely cares how we feel and care for ourselves.

- Anna
Love this! Glad you are amongst us who get to learn so much about respecting our bodies and what we put into it! My mind is blown as well and loving the adventure!!!!

- Linda
I'm sort of feeling like this program is rocking my world right now... To be honest, I didn't really know what I was signing up for when I enrolled. I have felt that my sugar addiction has been an issue for a while now, but recently I just reached my breaking point and KNEW I had to actually do something about it. A reliable source recommended Sarah Roberts so I clicked on a couple of links, threw down some cash money, and DONE. Okay, so now... WOW... I mean, this feels right somehow... I feel like I'm getting all of the right messages so far... Primarily, I feel like this is about actually being healthy, which has always been my goal, but somehow has eluded me over the years. Yeah, I can be skinny (or skinny-ish) which is usually the result of lots of non-food-product ingestion... I can build muscle as a result of more non-food-product ingestion, weighing my food, counting calories and macros and force-feeding myself 5 million grams of protein each day... But, this... THIS... Hmmmm... It's resonating with me. I like the messages that I'm receiving; I like the answers that I'm getting to my questions. I feel like this actually makes sense and it FEELS healthy so far... I know we're only 2 weeks in, but I just felt like I needed to share how I'm feeling right this second, because I'm sort of overwhelmed by it all (in a good way). And, what is SO, SO interesting is that although this sounds logical and feels right, I am also aware of all of the re-programming that needs to occur in my brain in order to really make the transition into healthy, mindful eating. Pretty crazy and amazing and wonderful, truly. Okay, anyway, thank you Sarah Roberts for helping us all along this journey. Looking forward to what's to come. p.s. I ate a DELICIOUS chickpea salad, banana & almond butter lunch today. I am feeling like a fucking rock star. Just sayin'. XO 

- Kristine
I love this program, this way of life, all my new knowledge to take care of me and my family... the right way!!!

- Brandy
"I can't think of a single thing you need to do in addition to or differently Sarah Roberts! I think you've done an amazing job of creating delicious recipes that are healthy! I don't even feel like I'm depriving myself of anything because the food is so good! I can't imagine ever going back to the place I was when I started this challenge, no desire to! I like many others, can already tell a difference in my body! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for all of your help, support and information! You're a true God send!!!"

- Cynthia
Want bonuses? You got it.
Registering for the 6 week Sugar Freedom eCourse will not only give you access to all 6 sessions 
with video tutorials and homework, but you'll also get these bonuses, for free. Including...
1. Live Q&A Sessions ! ($500 Value)
I will be joining you via a live broadcast throughout the 6 weeks to talk about the lessons and to answer any and all questions
that you may have. If you can't make it to the live session, you can ask your questions in the private
Facebook group and watch the recording of the Q&A later :)
2. Week 7 - How To Make It All Stick ($70 Value)
Special guest Roger Deveau does a training on how the brain works and we learn how to set
realistic goals that stick! This is not going to become just another thing we’ve tried! This time, we are
creating a lifestyle, and we need to know how to get our brains on board to help us do that.
3. Private Facebook Group ($100 Value)
Get access to a private Facebook group where you get to connect with others and get support
from people who are going through the course with you.
4. Lifetime Access and Free Updates for Life
I regularly check the course to see if there's anything I can add or improve. 
You will always have access to the most up-to-date information for life!
Your Instructor
Sarah Roberts
The 6 week Sugar Freedom eCourse, a course that guides you on a journey that takes you out of where you are now and into a whole new mindset that will become the starting point to a lifestyle you will feel proud of, was created by recovering alcoholic turned health and fitness enthusiast, Sarah Roberts, as a way to kick her “sugar monster” to the curb.

Now, she is on a mission to help you do the same. Through sharing her own personal struggles with alcohol, sugar, and self-loathing, Sarah helps us understand that it isn’t the food itself but what the food represents that is at the heart of our issues. She helps us believe that if she can do it, we can do it, too and she pushes us beyond our comfort zones so that we can create dramatic shifts in our mindsets and our lives.
it's time to do big things!
If you're sick and tired of feeling overwhelmed around food and powerless over
 your cravings, then sign up now to The 6 week Sugar Freedom eCourse  and get started!
What can I find here?
This section of the is to answer any common questions that come up about the course content or how it works. I will update it regularly as new questions arrive.
What is the difference between your book, The 28 Day Kick The Sugar Challenge, and The 6 Week Sugar Freedom eCourse?
While the book details the Challenge and helps people eliminate as many sources of sugar as possible for 28 days, the Course goes a little slower. It meets people where they are, right now, and helps them get to where they want to go, over 6 weeks. It is a tailored approach towards creating a lifestyle they are proud of. It is not a one-size-fits-all solution. People discover what’s been holding them back, they work at their own pace, and they complete assignments that are intended to get them closer to their goals, one step at a time. The lessons are delivered via video, not a book, and each week, we go over what we’ve uncovered, including pitfalls and a-ha moments, and people get to ask me any questions they have. They also get to connect with others on the same journey, which creates a community of like-minded people looking to create a lifestyle they love.
What is the purpose of this course?
The purpose of this course is to help you improve your relationship with yourself through increasing your awareness around food and sugar. In the process, you will learn ways to create and live a healthier lifestyle that lasts for the rest of your life.
Why should I trust you? You are not a dietitian or nutritionist!
In much the same way Allen Carr has helped millions of people quit smoking simply by being a man with a nasty smoking habit who figured out how to quit, I have created tools and developed strategies in my own life, over almost 15 years, that have helped me lead a healthy lifestyle and I want to share what I’ve learned with you. I realize that the way we eat and the way we feel about food, our bodies and our health has a lot more to do with ourselves than the food around us. We begin by creating awareness about what’s going on in our external environments and then we get to the work of improving our internal environments in order to create lasting change and a lifestyle we love.
What will I have to do to prepare for the course?
Simply having the desire to learn and be open to accepting new information is all you need to do to prepare! I have organized the course so you won’t be overwhelmed. You will be required to watch a video lesson each week (around 15 minutes each) and there will be 2 pieces of homework to complete during the week. You are invited to participate in the weekly Q&A sessions simply by posting your questions, which I will happily answer. You can either watch the session live or else a replay will be available to you indefinitely. You are also encouraged to participate in the private Facebook group, in order to connect and share with others on the same journey.
It seems everyone is talking about sugar all of a sudden. What’s all the buzz about and can you just give me the “straight facts”?
The “buzz” about sugar is occurring because we are finally waking up to the fact that sugar causes inflammation in the body and is a leading cause of obesity, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes, among other diseases. It is affecting the way our brains function and it is harming our mental, emotional and physical health. The “straight facts” are that we are becoming a society that is relying on more and more sugar because food producers are putting it into all sorts of foods we may not even realize, and they have been gradually increasing the amount of sugar in products over the last 50+ years. There are also many names for sugar, so we might not even realize we are eating it if we don’t understand the names it hides behind. We are using sugar the way addicts use drugs and yet, with more awareness and some tools and strategies, we can take the control back in our lives and develop a healthier relationship with sugar...and yourself.
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